Tuesday, 6 December 2011

STRIP Magazine #2 Digital Edition on sale now

The iPad-only digital edition of STRIP Magazine #2 is now on sale from iTunes - again in advance of the print edition.

Due to a small but unexpected delivery delay from Bosnia, the print edition will not be on sale until 14th December, for which we apologize.

Subscriber copies should be with our subscriptions department this week, along with a limited re-stock of Issue 1 for subscribers who have asked to start their sub from our first issue.

In STRIP Magazine Issue Two, with a cover by Rufus Dayglo...

Black Ops Xtreme Part 2, written by John Freeman and drawn by PJ Holden: the team are sent to South America to kill a dangerous terrorist!
Warpaint Part 2 by Phil Hester and John McCrea: Mia learns more about an ancient war!
Age of Heroes Part 2 by James Hudnall and John Ridgway: the magician Wex battles for his life against deadly monsters!
Recovery Inc. by Michael Penick and Dean Deckard: the company is hired to retrieve a top secret stolen prototype!
Hook Jaw, re-mastered by Jim Campbell and Gary Caldwell: Joy over an oil strike turns sour as the great white shark Hook Jaw attacks!
• 'Cold Hard Facts' - a man from the 20th Century finds the future is not the paradise he expected
• The second winner of our 'Strip Challenge' - "The Citadel Codex", set in ancient Mexico

PLUS - an exclusive interview with comic artist John McCrea, British comics news, a competition to win copies of Paul Gravett's new book 1001 Comics You Must Read Before You Die and the new collection of Alan Grant and Arthur Ranson's Mazeworld; and a sneak preview of Crucible, one of the new strips coming up next year STRIP Magazine!

Buy STRIP Magazine #2 from iTunes
You can now subscribe to Strip Magazine online at www.printmediaproductions.com at our introductory rates as advertised in Issue 1 of our new magazine.

Until 15th December 2011 a six-issue subscription costs £14.99 including handling and a 12-issue subscription costs £25.99.

Payment is currently by Paypal online - or you can send a cheque or postal order made payable to Print Media Productions to PMP (Subscriptions), PO Box 721, Lancaster LA1 4XE.

If mailing, please ensure you include your name and address, email and daytime telephone number and clearly state how many issues you are subscribing for and which issue you want to subscribe from.

From 15th December 2011 our subscriptions will be at the normal rate of £16.90 (6 issues) and £33.90 (12 issues).

• Visit www.printmediaproductions.com to subscribe 
Buy STRIP Magazine #2 from iTunes

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