Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Strip Magazine Issue Zero Cover Revealed

Here's the cover of STRIP MAGAZINE Issue Zero - which will be given away free to Bristol International Comic Expo visitors next month

Issue Zero features background on key strips in the new comic magazine such as Black Ops Extreme by John Freeman and PJ Holden, Warpaint by Phil Hester and John McCrea, Age of Heroes by James Hudnall and John Ridgway, Savant by Jim Alexander and Ferrer and Carlos Vila - plus some highlights of the upcoming Print Media Productions graphic album range.

The sampler comes wrapped in a cover by Smuzz, perhaps best known to comics fans for his work on 2000AD's 'ABC Warriors'. The image is taken from his new comic, 'Crucible', which will feature in STRIP Magazine.

There's also a special competition in the Sampler which will offer comic creators the chance to have their work in the title when it launches later in 2011.

Find out more when you pick up your copy at the Bristol Comic Expo!

• Bristol International Comic Expo - 14th - 15th May 2011. More info:

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Seek out Savant!

Savant is the creation of Jim Alexander.
Art by Ferrer and Vila.
Print Media Productions is delighted to announce the development of Savant, a new science fiction adventure by Jim Alexander (Judge Dredd Megazine, Generator Rex) with art by acclaimed Spanish artists Josep Lluis Ferrer (2000AD, Starlord) and Carlos Vila.

Savant is a world at the centre of the universe -- or so legend has it -- often referred to as the Planet of Light. At adolescence, many Savants leave the home world to traverse the populated worlds in the search for ‘life experiences’. On their return they download these experiences into the towers of knowledge.

On many worlds the people of Savant have attained mythical status as the chroniclers of important events. It is an intuitive thing -- more than just memory, emotion and intensity are recorded as well, so keeping the moment alive forever.

The story's main character, Lode, is a Savant who has chosen to chronicle the lives of the dying and as a result seeks out war zones. She is not a harbinger of death; but it is death nevertheless that draws her like a moth to a flame.

Savant will first feature in STRIP Magazine, a new monthly comic magazine for the UK market which will be previewed at the Bristol International Comic Expo in May, and launch later in 2011, as part of a publishing program that includes new graphic albums as well as this new magazine title.

Savant © 2011 Print Media Productions
Savant author Jim Alexander had his publishing debut as writer of 'Calhab Justice' for Judge Dredd Megazine. He went on to write for DC (Birds of Prey, Batman 80 Page Giant), Marvel (Marvel Milestones) and Tokyopop (Star Trek Manga). He also worked with artists David Lloyd and Richard Corben on the esteemed European publication Metal Hurlant. In addition to his writing duties on Savant, Jim currently writes Ben 10 and Generator Rex for DC and 'Growing Pains' for New Jersey's Space and Time Magazine.

Comics artist and illustrator Josep Lluis Ferrer, who signs his work as, simply, Ferrer, has been drawing professionally for more than 30 years, half of which have been spent doing comics for various publishers, mostly in Spain.

He has worked for several British publishers, drawing strips such as 'Ants' and 'Robo Hunter' for early issues of 2000AD, and 'Ro Busters' for Starlord. He's also known for his war and science fiction work for DC Thomson, and children’s and horror comics for German publishers, including licensed titles such as The Real Ghostbusters and Captain Future. He's also worked with the principal publishing houses in Spain.

Veteran artist Carlos Vila's work includes art for Italian publishers Ediperiodicci, Charlton Comics, Penthouse Comix (in Spain) and many more publishers.

"Jim's story and Ferrer and Vila's art evokes the kind of buzz I used to get reading Heavy Metal and watching Luc Besson's The Fifth Element," says STRIP Magazine editor John Freeman. "His short pitch was 'Apocalypse Now in Space' -- and the villain of the piece is pretty chilling.

"We know a lot of people are waiting patiently for our new title, and I hope these teasers aren't too tantalising," he adds. " Setting this project up has taken much longer than we expected, but it is starting to come together."

Savant is the creation of Jim Alexander. Art by Ferrer and Vila

Coming Soon: the STRIP Magazine Comic Challenge

The Print Media Productions team would like to thank to many dedicated comics creators who have pitched ideas for graphic albums and comic strips at STRIP Magazine. Your submissions are being considered pending our next round of commissioning, but this will not be until later in 2011.

We will however be announcing a Comic Strip Challenge at the Bristol International Comic Expo in May which will offer the chance for the best creators to have a strip in the new Magazine. Please do not send us submissions until you have seen the guidelines.

Mighty World of Marvel Issue 17
I got one of my first breaks in comics thanks to a 'strip challenge' in Mighty World of Marvel way back in 1984. Editor John Tomlinson published a strip called Cat and Mouse, drawn by Matt Bingham.

I've been enthusing about doing something similar since I first started talking to Ivo Milicevic about the STRIP Magazine project and I'm glad he's backed the idea.

Other titles have also promoted new work in the same way, most recently in CLiNT in the UK, the brainchild of Kick Ass creator Mark Millar and publisher Titan Magazines. 

In addition to the announcement at the Expo, details of the Challenge will appear on our full, official web site when it goes live in the next few weeks.

Writers Jasper Barke and Jim Alexander and others will be joining me as part of a special Print Media Productions panel on Sunday at the Expo.

Bristol International Comic Expo

Please do not send us submissions for the Comic Challenge until you have seen the guidelines

-- John Freeman 
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