Wednesday, 14 July 2010

So, who is Strip Magazine aimed at?

michael_pennick_art.jpgFollowing up on feedback about Strip Magazine, we're letting potential readers - and creators - know a little more about the magazine's format.

We want to emphasize that Strip Magazine will be aimed at  a general audience and won't be "preaching to the converted" (i.e. existing comic fans). The strips should be enjoyable for a younger readership - older than The DFC's readership range (although some of its strips were, I'd argue, more sophisticated than others - Mezolith and Mirabalis being just two examples from that terrific title).

Strip Magazine is not being pitched as old as 2000AD's target age group as it is today, or Judge Dredd: The Megazine, but I still think readers of those comics will enjoy it - I hope so, anyway!

That doesn't mean we're shying away from violence, for example, but it certainly be as graphic as some strips, and we won't be looking for strips packed with swear words. Action is the by word of this title - fast-moving, character driven stories - and we'll have some humour content, too.

Our writer and submission guidelines will be available soon but older comics fans who enjoyed the format of classic British comics like Battle Picture Weekly, Valiant and Action should find Strip Magazine enjoyable, without us being stuck in the past.

We  believe that an action adventure title, with a couple of humour strips is a winning formula - it worked for decades, so why not now?

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

From Bosnia, with love: Strip Magazine heads for the UK

Art from Issue 1 of the new magazine by PJ Holden

Bosnian-based comics publisher PrintMedia has announced plans to move into the UK market with a new comic magazine.

The title, which is still in development, will include new strips by creators such as PJ Holden (2000AD, Battlefields, Judge Dredd: The Megazine), Michael Penick, John Ridgway, James Hudnall, Jon Rushby and former Marvel UK and Titan Magazine editor John Freeman, who will also be the title's UK editor.

michael_pennick_art.jpgThe magazine will feature a mix of action, science fiction and humour.

The line-up of the title is still being finalized, but PrintMedia, which publishes three comics-related magazines including Strip Magazine and a localized edition of Metal Hurlant, plans to preview the magazine at the British International Comic Show in October.

johnridgway_art.jpg"I am really excited about this project" says publisher Ivo Milicevic. "There is no certain formula for success, but the Magazine will have some good stories and really great art, I can promise that.

"I am hoping that we could fill the gap between 2000AD and superhero stuff," he added. "I grew up with the Steel Claw and The Spider, but as kid I also like Black Archer and Jet Ace Logan. Later, I was blown away with the work of Frank Hampson, Don Lawrence and Jim Holdaway. I never liked superhero stuff, but really appreciate old US newspaper strips and authors."

Ivo has been working in publishing for 20 years. After college, he worked as journalist, and later as a publisher. Printmedia's business centres on print for the comic industry.

Iroon-Moon_Keith_Page.jpgComplementing the new magazine will be a series of UK comics albums. One title is already in development, a creator-owned steampunk adventure, Iron Moon, by Commando artist Keith Page, and PrintMedia has secured rights to James Hudnall and John Ridgway's fantasy tale Age of Heroes, which will be published in colour for the first time.

• The magazine is not accepting submissions or story pitches at this time as the initial line-up is now almost completed.

• An English web site for the new title is in development. Visit PrintMedia's Bosnian website at:

• Follow Strip Magazine UK on Twitter at

All images © PrintMedia except art by John Ridgway.

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