Monday, 29 July 2013

Print edition of STRIP Issue 2 on way at last

We'd like to put it down to sabotage by Enemy Apes and dimensional rifts, but the delay to getting the print edition of STRIP: The Adventure Comics Magazine Issue 2 into newsagents has been down to far more mundane (but probably more complex) reasons.

But, at last, our distributors have confirmed receipt of the Magazine from our UK printers and they are aiming for it to be on sale from Wednesday 31st July.

Our printers are also in the process of dispatching subscription copies.

(No, we can't quite believe it, either).

Once stock has also reached our UK book warehouse we'll be dispatching copies to Diamond for comic store delivery.

We're very sorry for the delay to the Magazine, and we're going to have to apologize right away for what will now be the early September release date of Issue 3.

Because of costs of distribution and a crinkle in the inner workings of one of our major UK distribution points that would mean releasing Issue 3 in August would cost as much as it would to promote three issues from September onwards, we have decided to delay the release of Issue 3 until the beginning of September.


Wrapped in a Crucible-inspired cover by Benard Kolle (colour by Sebastian Cheng), the second stunning issue of Britain’s newest action adventure anthology includes strips from John McCrea, Stephen Downey, John Freeman, Smuzz and more.

• BLACK OPS EXTREME (written by Richmond Clements, art by Stephen Downey) The anti-terrorist team run into trouble in the American Bayou – with survivalists and an angry alligator!

• WARPAINT (by Phil Hester and John McCrea) Re-told from the very beginning - Mia learns more about an ancient war between gods!

• CRUCIBLE (by John Freeman and Smuzz) Trouble on the streets when our adventurers set out to recover a mysterious artifact sought by the Temple of Orlyth!

• OPERATION INFERNO (by Richmond Clements and Nick Dyer) Steampunk spy Ryuu heads to Paris as the British Empire faces a deadly new peril from a dangerous rogue scientist!

• DENIZENS (by Miljenko Horvatic and Maxim Simic) Modern civilisation has been wiped out and the world is a greener, deadlier place...

Plus: KING COBRA SECRETS REVEALED – a special guide to the new incarnation of King Cobra, a hero who first appeared in DC Thomson’s Hotspur! KING COBRA MINI POSTER by Wamberto Nicomedes; and an interview with author Benjamin Read, writer of the highly acclaimed new graphic novel fairy tale, Porcelain!

• The digital version of STRIP is on sale now for iPad and is also available as a PDF download on Scribd.


King Cobra resumes in Issue 3, drawn by Doctor Who Adventures artist John Ross, while further down the line we have an all-new Cobra stories in the works from Wamberto Nicomedes (who drew the Issue 1 opener)!

All your favourites will continue and we have plans for new strips well into 2014 from artists including Bernard Kolle, Marc Olivent and many more. (And yes, those are plans on the basis of getting the title firmly back onto a monthly schedule...)


We're pleased to announce that Print Media will have a presence at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Ed Brubaker, Kurt Busiek, David Lloyd, Bryan Talbot, Sean Phillips and many more top comic creators from both sides of the Atlantic (18th-20th October, see for details).

Ivo Milicevic

"Looking from the outside in, we appreciate that after the way STRIP has been knocked sideways, uphill and down dale due to its overseas administration, you must be thinking we're gluttons for punishment by now," says our publisher Ivo Milicevic. "But when you've put as much time and effort into a publication, a project I really believe in, you don't let go easily. I hope you, our readers, won't either.

"Thank you for your comments on Facebook, Twitter (good and bad) about STRIP: The Adventure Comics Magazine. We do read them all. We've taken a lot of them on the chin, too.

"We're now hoping the project plan is firmly grounded in reality for it to continue and we appreciate your support and creative involvement."

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  1. Good stuff guys. Looking forward to a bit of forward momentum and an increasing buzz about Strip's content.

    There's plenty to talk about!


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