Tuesday, 31 January 2012

STRIP Magazine to go UK news stand in May

Promotional (not final) cover for STRIP Magazine
Issue 7, on sale in May. Art by Giancarlo Caracuzzo
Colour by Kirsty Swan. Please note some content may change

We're delighted to announce that STRIP Magazine will go news stand in the UK with Issue 7, on sale in May.

The initial plan for the title's new stand presence is to target a selected range of top high street stores, but not supermarkets at this time.

Issue 7 will also include at least two new strips - Black Dragon, a steampunk-inspired story by Richmond Clements and Nick Dyer, and Crucible, an SF adventure masquerading as a fantasy tale, by John Freeman and Smuzz.

Six-issue subscriptions to STRIP Magazine are available online. Please note, the cover price of the Magazine is expected to rise with Issue 7 to reflect higher production costs.

• Visit www.printmediaproductions.com to subscribe


  1. Judge Fred MANSON11 February 2012 at 05:46

    What an excellent cover for the first issue on the news stand!!!
    That is what I call a catching cover!!!

    I do not care about the price rising, this strips magazine is very excellent and I have always pleasure to read it again and again!!

    I prefer to spend my money on excellent products. And Strip Magazine IS an excellent product!!!

    I have an idea about a supplemental product for this mag: an archival box in the colors of Strip Magazine. That would be great to collect, t classify and to protect our beloved mag in this kind of box. What do you think?? I am for it!!!

  2. I really like the comic and want to do my bit to support UK comics. But please cane we have some dates for release? Especially regarding the app version?


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