Friday, 8 June 2012

STRIP Magazine price drop for digital edition

The digital edition of STRIP Issue 5
will include alternate content to
the print edition
STRIP Magazine fans waiting for the arrival of our print edition – victim of the craziest combination of circumtsances yet in terms of getting it in to the UK – may be interested to know that Issue 5 for iPad is being worked on now by ROK Comics and should be submited to Apple sometime next week.

The price of all back issues of STRIP Magazine for iPad has also just been dropped to £1.99 per issue.

We decided to delay submission of STRIP Issue 5 to Apple in view of the distribution issues for the print edition, but with changes to our plans for the relaunch - moved to September - that have superceded some copy in the print edition, the digital STRIP Issue 5 (which will also be priced at £1.99) will include updated pages from the 'real world' magazine, as well as some trailer imagery for the new-look to the title.

The iPad edition will have less pages than the print verison of Issue 5 but some exclusive trailer images from the revamp, and we have also updated 'Comic Cuts' to reflect the change of launch plans.

The big news on the digital front is that by way of an experiment, we'll be publishing a digital only version of STRIP in July. This special Issue 6 will wrap some storylines that complete in the print 'bumper' version of Issue 5, as well as again trailing the new look STRIP.

Promotion for Black Ops Extreme
by Richmond Clement and Stephen
Downey. Black Ops Extreme
© Print Media Productions
We'd also like to use some pages to promote new British comics and projects. If British and Irish comic creators would like to have a plug for their own indpendently created titles in that digital-only issue, direct us via to a 1536 x 1920 image we'll consider for inclusion. On your left is an example of the kind of image we're looking for.

We'll also consider running strip samples but they must be action adventure, SF, fantasy or one page humour - no horror or adult comics, no swearing and no excessive violence. (No, I don't know how Hook Jaw gets away with it, either).

The digital issues of STRIP - for iPad only at present - are now available for just £1.99 each.

• STRIP Magazine for iPad Issue 1 here: 

• STRIP Magazine for iPad Issue 2 here: 

• STRIP Magazine for iPad Issue 3 here: 

• STRIP Magazine for iPad Issue 4 here:

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Strip Magazine to re-launch in September

Strip Magazine Issue 1 Volume 2Print Media Productions has reluctantly decided to delay its planned news stand launch of STRIP from June until September 2012.

The decision follows discussion with our news stand distributors who suggested that the autumn would be a far better time for the new incarnation to hit the newsagents.

"There are also vital issues that need to be sorted out, especially a guaranteed delivery cycle from Print Media in Bosnia" editor John Freeman commented. "Both myself and Mike Conroy, who is advising us on administration matters, discussed the situation with publisher Ivo Milicevic, who has bankrolled the project so far, and agreed the logistics of getting the first issue of the new incarnation printed and into the shops for our planned launch date were simply insurmountable at this time."

Once STRIP Issue 5 - a giant-sized issue - is released in comic shops in the UK next month (again, later than planned), STRIP will take a summer break.

While you're waiting. check out this great cover for the new look magazine by Bernhard Kolle.

Bernhard hails from Croatia but lives and works n Lubljana, Slovenia. He began his career drawing horror comics for the American market and drew the comic books Conny and Gespenster Geschichten between 1988 and 1996 for Germany's Bastei Verlag. Between 1996 and 1999 he was back drawing horror stories for Dark Horse titles like Ghost in the US before returning to Bastei and Gespenster Geschichten to draw Maddrax and Vampira.

As well as covers for STRIP, he's working on an action adventure story for the title.

- STRIP - The Adventure Comic Magazine Issue 1 Volume 2 has been solicited in Diamond PREVIEWS for September 2012.

- Crucible cover art by Bernard Kolle. Crucible copyright 2012 John Freeman and Smuzz

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