Sunday, 13 February 2011

"Impressive debut" for Print Media's graphic novel range

Top British comics creator and British comics expert Lew Stringer has posted the first review for Print Media's first graphic novel, The Iron Moon by Stephen Walsh and Keith Page, calling it an impressive debut.

"The 64 page full colour hardback book is a nice large format, bigger than A4, and a classy looking product," says Lew. "The heroine of the story is Charlotte Corday, and if that name sounds familiar it's because she also starred in London Calling last year from Time Bomb Comics. This is the beauty of creator-ownership, that characters can leap between publishers like this.

"There's more to Ms. Corday than that though, as she's a Jerry Cornelius type figure who can appear in completely different times. Where London Calling was set in an alternative 1950s Britain, The Iron Moon is set in the alternative steampunk era of Queen Victoria's reign.

"... Keith Page's artwork here is a joy and a revelation," he says. "In recent years his own style has really developed and The Iron Moon is proof of the dedication and hard work he's devoted to his craft. Keith has put an amazing amount of detail into the drawings and the book is a rewarding experience... A refreshing change from all the computer coloured pages usually found in comics these days."

• You can read the full review here on Lew's British comics blog, where he also recently noted Hookjaw's birthday and regularly posts news about his work and other highly-recommended British comics projects.

The Iron Moon will be available in March via comic shops, distributed by Diamond, and can be ordered now from First Age Comics Lancaster: 

• If you'd would like to know when The Iron Moon is available in bookshops, drop the publisher a line at

• A variety of Keith Page's work can be seen on:

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