Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Coming Soon: the STRIP Magazine Comic Challenge

The Print Media Productions team would like to thank to many dedicated comics creators who have pitched ideas for graphic albums and comic strips at STRIP Magazine. Your submissions are being considered pending our next round of commissioning, but this will not be until later in 2011.

We will however be announcing a Comic Strip Challenge at the Bristol International Comic Expo in May which will offer the chance for the best creators to have a strip in the new Magazine. Please do not send us submissions until you have seen the guidelines.

Mighty World of Marvel Issue 17
I got one of my first breaks in comics thanks to a 'strip challenge' in Mighty World of Marvel way back in 1984. Editor John Tomlinson published a strip called Cat and Mouse, drawn by Matt Bingham.

I've been enthusing about doing something similar since I first started talking to Ivo Milicevic about the STRIP Magazine project and I'm glad he's backed the idea.

Other titles have also promoted new work in the same way, most recently in CLiNT in the UK, the brainchild of Kick Ass creator Mark Millar and publisher Titan Magazines. 

In addition to the announcement at the Expo, details of the Challenge will appear on our full, official web site when it goes live in the next few weeks.

Writers Jasper Barke and Jim Alexander and others will be joining me as part of a special Print Media Productions panel on Sunday at the Expo.

Bristol International Comic Expo

Please do not send us submissions for the Comic Challenge until you have seen the guidelines

-- John Freeman 

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