Friday, 28 June 2013

STRIP #2 - Print edition release date pushed back

We're sorry for the ongoing and frustrating delays to the release of STRIP: The Adventure Comics Magazine Issue 2.

We were hoping to have the title on sale in UK newsagents from Thursday 20th June 2013 but behind the scenes issues means the release date has been pushed back and at this point, although the magazine has been printed, we are unable to confirm a print publication date at this time.

The delayed publication is the result of a major change to the way STRIP is brought to readers. After innumerable distribution delays that have plagued the title since launch, because of printing in Bosnia, Print Media publisher Ivo Milicevic decided to print and distribute the title in the UK.

Subscription copies are also being handled from the UK.

Publisher Ivo Milicevic commented: "We would like to apologize to our readers, who have been kept waiting for Issue 2 for far longer than was expected by anyone involved. I am making every effort to resolve the situation and hope to bring you good news next week."

We'll published revised release dates for Issue 3 onwards in due course.

The digital version of STRIP is on sale now for iPad and is also available as a PDF download on Scribd.

Wrapped in a Crucible-inspired cover by Benard Kolle (colour by Sebastian Cheng), the second stunning issue of Britain’s newest action adventure anthology includes strips from John McCrea, Stephen Downey, John Freeman, Smuzz and more.

BLACK OPS EXTREME (written by Richmond Clements, art by Stephen Downey) The anti-terrorist team run into trouble in the American Bayou – with survivalists and an angry alligator!

WARPAINT (by Phil Hester and John McCrea) Re-told from the very beginning - Mia learns more about an ancient war between gods!

CRUCIBLE (by John Freeman and Smuzz) Trouble on the streets when our adventurers set out to recover a mysterious artifact sought by the Temple of Orlyth!

OPERATION INFERNO (by Richmond Clements and Nick Dyer) Steampunk spy Ryuu heads to Paris as the British Empire faces a deadly new peril from a dangerous rogue scientist!

DENIZENS (by Miljenko Horvatic and Maxim Simic) Modern civilisation has been wiped out and the world is a greener, deadlier place...

Plus: KING COBRA SECRETS REVEALED – a special guide to the new incarnation of King Cobra, a hero who first appeared in DC Thomson’s Hotspur! KING COBRA MINI POSTER by Wamberto Nicomedes; and an interview with author Benjamin Read, writer of the highly acclaimed new graphic novel fairy tale, Porcelain!

Buy the digital edition of STRIP: The Adventure Comics Magazine from the iTunes store (iPad only) 

Buy STRIP Issue 2 Volume 2 via Scribd

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