Friday, 8 October 2010

The Iron Moon - eBook Trailer unveiled

Myebook - The Iron Moon Sampler - click here to open my ebookPrint Media Productions first hardcover graphic album, The Iron Moon, will be on sale at the British International Comic Show on 16th - 17th October.

Check out the trailer of this new steampunk tale from Stephen Walsh and Keith Page now, now available via myEBook!


A Charlotte Corday adventure


The twentieth century is just around the corner and Queen Victoria is hale and hearty as she heads into the second century of her reign. The British Empire stretches from the white cliffs of Dover to the red skies of Mars.

Go-getting men and women of the imperial dominions flock to the colours, eager to make reputations and fortunes in the wilds of high space.

Take Lieutenant Charlotte Corday, for instance. Born in what used to be known as France, she has risen to prominence through the ranks of the Royal Space Navy and now finds herself up to her neck in her greatest escapade yet. Watch as she travels to the mysterious Iron Moon! Marvel as she grapples with a conspiracy that may see the galaxy plunged into war! Goggle as she meets new and strange races, both mechanical and biological! Ponder how she manages to put away so many cups of tea!

And prepare to have your brain scrambled as she scoops us up and carries us to the very limits of this universe... and into the next!

• 10/3/11 Update: Iron Moon by Stephen Walsh and Keith Page is available now from First Age Comics, The Assembly Rooms, Lancaster

Order it online from the First Age eBay Store

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