Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Countdown begins to STRIP Magazine news stand launch

STRIP: The Adventure Comics Magazine is heading for the UK news stand at last - to be released in news agents in the week beginning 8th April 2013.

The iPad edition is on sale now (link).

Bosnian-based comics publisher Print Media has confirmed its long-intended move to bring the adventure anthology to select high street newsagents is finally underway, after a “test run” of seven issues in UK comic stores.

The line up of the monthly anthology magazine will be a mix of action adventure, science fiction and fantasy strips, alongside feature material about the world of British comics, including the continuation of Black Ops Extreme, centred on a secret anti-terrorism team; Crucible, a creator-owned science fiction story; teen heroine thriller, Warpaint; and the return of 1970s action hero King Cobra, in all-new stories, under license from original publisher DC Thomson.

Creators in the launch issue include Jim Campbell, Richmond Clements, Stephen Downey, Nick Dyer, John Freeman, Phil Hester, Miljenko Horvatic, John McCrea, Wamberto Nicomedes, Maxim Simic and Smuzz.

Plans and strips for the Magazine are fully commissioned for the next 12 months but include:

In Issue 1 -

Black Ops Extreme © Print Media
Black Ops Extreme by Richmond Clements and Stephen Downey

Continuing the adventures of a covert military unit taking on terrorists across the globe - but facing its own troubles with a possible traitor in its midst!

King Cobra © DC Thomson

King Cobra by John Freeman and Wamberto Nicomedes

A major action hero for DC Thomson who first appeared in Hotspur in 1976, a new King Cobra takes on old enemies and new

Warpaint © Phil Hester & John McCrea

Warpaint by Phil Hester and John McCrea

A homeless teen finds herself drawn into a cataclysmic struggle between mankind and elemental monsters bent on the destruction of our world.

Operation Inferno by Richmond Clements and Nick Dyer

British and French steampunk spies take on the might of the dangerous Prusssian Empire in a feature-length adventure starring teen ninja Black Dragon!

Crucible © John Freeman & Smuzz
Crucible by John Freeman and Smuzz

Swords meet science fiction as a mis-matched team of adventurers are tasked to recover a sacred relic from an ancient and deadly mine…

Denizens © Print Media

• Denizens by Miljenko Horvatic and Maxim Simic

Spurred by personal tragedy, humanity’s very existence is threatened with destruction when fast-growing plants are released, wiping out all organized centres of civilisation!


Strips in the pipeline include Dragonrir, a stunning fantasy tale by Miljenko Horvatic and Damir Zitko; a thrilling story of the criminal underworld, Deliverer, by Miljenko Horvatic, drawn by Bernard Kolle; WarWorldz by Stephen Walsh and Giancarlo Caracuzzo; the tale of an ancient warrior battling magic, Thracius, by James Hudnall and Mark Vigoroux; plus the return of other strips, including Age of Heroes by James Hudnall and John Ridgway and The Devil's Heritage by Jerome Felix and Paul Gastine.

Print Media publishes three comics-related magazines in Bosnia, including Strip Magazin and a localized edition of Metal Hurlant.

"I am really excited our plans for STRIP Magazine are finally developing as I planned three years ago" says publisher Ivo Milicevic. "There is no certain formula for success, but the Magazine will have some good stories and really great art.

Ivo, who grew up with British comic characters such as Black Archer, Steel Claw and The Spider, which were reprinted extensively in former Yugoslavia, has been working in publishing for nearly 25 years. After college, he worked as journalist, and later as a publisher. Print Media's business centres on print for the comic industry.

Complementing the re-launched magazine will be more UK comics albums, adding to its current titles - Iron Moon, Frontier and Mirabilis. Plans include collections of some of the strips published in the first limited edition run, including Black Ops Extreme, drawn by PJ Holden.

• The magazine is not accepting submissions or story pitches at this time

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All images © respective creators


  1. What newsagents will Strip magazine be sold in?

  2. A larger number of selected newsagents including WH Smiths.

  3. Good news on the newsagent relaunch getting a date, but could you still post the Diamond Code please.

    1. Of course, as soon as we receive it from them. Thanks for the support

  4. Nice one - looking forward to the upcoming issues and if you are looking for any inkers in the future ;P


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