Friday, 29 July 2011

John McCrea at MCM Expo Manchester

The first MCM Expo in Manchester, taking place tomorrow (Saturday 30th July) has gathered a strong line up of comic creators alongside its TV and film guests.

Warpaint artist John McCrea will be appearing at the event, and you might also catch Andrew Chiu, who we hope to get started on a new strip for late 2012 soon, written by Jasper Bark.

Andrew's currently working on a new strip for ROK Comics, which will debut soon online.

Among the comic creators at the event are artists Leigh Gallagher, Stephen Downey, Al Davison and writer Antony Johnston, along with indie creators such as Lizz Lunney, Sergeant Mike Battle creator Graham Pearce, Rob Jackson and Adam Cadwell.

Joining them will be independent publishers such as Time Bomb Comics , publishers of Stephen Walsh and Keith Page's London Calling, and Accent UK.

Taking place at the Manchester Central venue, the event will also see appearances by Red Dwarf star Craig Charles; Sarah Jane Adventures actress Anjili Mohindra and actors Warwick Davis and Kenny Baker.

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