Monday, 24 October 2011

Strip Magazine launch now 2nd November

The delayed delivery of STRIP Magazine Issue 1 from Bosnia has forced us to push back its UK comic shop launch to 2nd November.

Naturally, you can imagine that after all the hard work of so many great creators and the enthusiastic support of so many fans and the British comic press, this is an unwelcome development but Diamond have confirmed arrival of the Magazine so there should be no more unwelcome delays.

I want to apologize to comic fans eagerly awaiting our title, who will now have to wait a little longer.

In some ways, the only consolation I have personally is that the decision to 'test bed' the magazine's production cycle by, initially, selling exclusively through UK comic shops, was a wise move on the part of our publisher, Ivo Milicevic.

We've already experienced some bizarre blips in trans-European delivery on our books, and will now be building more time into our production schedule to hopefully avoid this unfortunate situation arising again.

- John Freeman, Editor

• STRIP Magazine Issue 1 will now being on sale from 2nd November 2011 in all good UK comic shops. You will soon also be able to order single issues online from

• A digital edition, working in partnership with ROK Comics, available via iTunes, is awaiting Apple approval

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