Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Strip Issue One on sale today in UK comic shops

STRIP Magazine Issue One is available in British comics shops from today. The digital edition for iPad is also available and can be downloaded from the iTunes Store. The cost of either edition is £2.99. (of course, the digital edition doesn't come with the fab giant Mirabilis poster).

And in case you'd forgotten - STRIP Magazine is an adventure anthology comic featuring some great art and stories from some brilliant creators including PJ Holden (Judge Dredd), John McCrea (Hitman, The Boys), Michael Penick (Insurrection), John Ridgway and many more.

Offering a range of strip stories, comics news, interviews and features, plus a fully re-mastered version of the classic British comic strip Hookjaw, this is a first issue you will not want to miss!

As the title's editor, I'd like to thank everyone who's been involved so far - it's not been the easiest of 'births' - and everyone who's already bought the iPad edition, or is heading out to buy the comic today.

Print Media is a new British company formed by Ivo Milicevic, who has been publishing comics and graphic albums in Bosnia and Croatia for 20 years, working with publishers such as Bamboo, Casterman Dupuis, Les Humanoides Associes and King Features Syndicate.

PMP UK plans to publish comics and graphic albums in the UK market, developing their own characters but also working directly with creators and other publishers to create new graphic albums and comic strips.

• More info at

• There's a list of comic shops we know are stocking the title, some of whom do mail order, on the STRIP blog (see column right, further information welcomed from comic shops):


  1. Yeah for us!! That was the longest period of labor in the history of magazine births I think. :-) Onward and upward!

  2. Great stuff. Congratulations.

    I'd like to see a letters page, and perhaps once the Hookjaw run is finished some Adam Eterno reprints. Any chance?

  3. Thanks! You can send letters of comment to (replace the 'AT', obviously.

    We've got a lot of Hookjaw to run but we're looking at other classic strips for the future.

  4. Just got my copy of issue one mailed from forbidden planet and it looks fab! I'm a lifelong comics fan and i wish u all the luck in the world. Gone are the days of battle,tiger and the 80's eagle, think i still have them in the loft somewhere. I'd like to add my vote for an adam eterno reprint although i'd also like to see death wish, one eyed jack and maybe some spinball wars? Hope the sales figures have been favourable as i hope this is the start of great things for strip magazine.

  5. As somebody who grew up reading Commando, Victor, Battle, 2000ad, Warlord, Starlord et al,
    it's nice to see UK comics getting some long-overdue respect at last.
    I wish you luck with your new venture and I'd love to see it in WH Smiths on a regular basis.


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