Friday 27 September 2013

Subscription Copies and STRIP Magazine Issue 3: A Statement

Here is an update on STRIP: The Adventure Comics Magazine Issue 2 subscription copies and the release of STRIP: The Adventure Comics Magazine Issue 3.

As readers will have already guessed, we are trying to address a number of administrative difficulties, not helped by the receipt of incorrect information as regards the dispatch of subscription copies from our UK printer.

We hope you will therefore understand that we would rather issue a statement when there has been movement on this front, rather than making one, for things to go wrong - again.

However, while we are still concerned, after many set backs, that subscription copies may again be delayed we are now hopeful they will be dispatched very soon. As soon as they are, we will inform all subscribers who have chosen to be on our mailing list.

We have also of course, (again, obviously), revised the release date of STRIP: The Adventure Comics Magazine Issue 3. While the issue has been prepared for some time it has also been affected by the same issues impacting on the rest of this project.

However, we do at last appear to be reaching some resolution of these difficulties and, while like you we remain cautious and therefore do not wish to commit to definite announcements or release dates, we are optimistic that we might finally be "through the tunnel" very shortly and will have good news for you and all our readers.

Our publisher Ivo Milicevic is planning to be at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival next month, where we hope readers will have the chance to ask him about STRIP and our other publishing plans.


  1. Does Strip Magazine still exist? I was with it through the first volume, I got issue 1 of the relaunch... then...I've not heard from you guys, and the facebook page has gone.

  2. Is Strip magazine gone forever?

  3. Please stand by... We are almost, finally, in a position to make an announcement about the future of this project.


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